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Despre noi

Despre noi

Welcome to Cris Feather

Hello and welcome in the great world of handcrafted fashion accesories. I am Cristina Pana and i am the owner of Cris Feather . We run as a small handcrafting business in Romania , in the seaside city of Constanta . In Romanian , my last name , Pana means Feather . A great match for my passion don’t you think ? So , when you wear one of my accesories you basically wear a part of me .

About myself

I started as a one man show and gathered my family around me and my passion so we developed this small business.

It was 2013 and i was still in college . Whillst in summer vacation i wandered in a small store called ” Beads and Shiny ” in my home town. You can’t imagine the sparkle in my eyes and the tremble in my soul . I just knew right away , in that very moment , that i dream of making fashion accesories.

A dream started . Unfortunately my pockets were empty at the moment so i left and started working various jobs and saving money so i can get a small stock starting .

And i started creating . Spent countless nights researching trends , studying about crafts and techniques and designing my own models. I began going to school and in 2016 i graduated arts and crafts .I played with different materials  , concepts and cultures.The study never ends.

An amazing experience

It is an amazing experience and the best soul ride of my life.

All my accesories are made with a huge smile on my face and with a soul filled with joy.

Soon, all my friends started asking for my work. I never to that moment think at this as more than a passion . When the first international orders came via Facebook , from Denmark , Coreea and USA , without any marketing leading to them , it was clear to me that i might have a gift . I felt grateful like you would not imagine.

Because of this support i recieved from the Facebook community i grew wings and my passion became a wonderful small business.

Now, wherever i go, i have at least a drawing pad with me . When i feel inspired i just stop and create. If it`s on the seaside, in a forest or in a city center , i sit down and put my feelings on your wrist or neck .

Welcome to Cris Feather , my world . I hope you love my work and it brings you awsome smiles and joy !

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